Atex Harness

Atex safety harnesses by Exofit are designed to prevent fall injuries and save workers lives. They are one of the most prevalent choices for businesses where employees work at height.

Why use Atex safety harnesses?

The HSE estimate that accidental falls are responsible for causing thousands of injuries per annum and almost half of deaths on construction sites occurred as a result of a fall accident. That is a staggering statistic and should be a cause for concern to any serious employer.

The good news is that fall accidents can be prevented through the use of height safety equipment. If your business involves working at heights such as washing windows, climbing trees, fixing electrical lines, roofing and oil-rigging it is indispensable that you use a quality full-body safety harness.

Kinds of Safety Harnesses

There are some details below that highlight essential height safety equipment important for keeping your workers safe. You can create a custom fall arrest kit by combining various items together.

The two main types of height safety harnesses are:

  • Fall arrest harnesses – ideal for use at a height of 4 feet or more
  • Suspension harnesses – perfect for tasks where you need to hang from a fixed anchor point such as when washing and painting windows

Whilst substantially different, both of these components require additional items:

  • A full body harness such as one of the items above
  • Connectors (fall-limiters or lanyards)
  • Anchorage-point connectors (tie-off points)

Atex full body harnesses are available in a wide range of designs. Each design has a number of easy-to-use features including connectors, D ring options, a comfortable personal fit and various types of buckles.

DBI-SALA ExoFit Atex Harness (KB11101392)

DBI-SALA ExoFit Atex Harness (KB11101392)  

Advanced harness that can provide protection to people where there is high risk of danger – particularly unexpected accidents such as...


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