Exofit Atex Harness (KB11101391)

Atex safety harness by Exofit are designed to prevent fall injuries and save workers lives. It is one of the indispensable tools for any responsible employer who has employees working at heights.

Why Use Atex Safety Harness?

The NCIPC (National Centre for Injury Prevention) estimates that accidental falls are responsible for causing about eight million injuries per annum. Almost half of death due to accidental falls took place in construction areas. That is a staggering statistic and should be a cause of concern for any serious employer.

The good news is that fall accidents can be prevented through the use of height safety equipment. If your business involves work at height, such as washing windows, climbing trees, fixing electrical lines, roofing, and oil-rigging, it is indispensable for you to acquire quality full-body safety harnesses. It is important to note that they safety harnesses can also be used for recreation and at home.

Exofit Atex

Kinds of Safety Harnesses

Discussed below are some of the essential height safety equipment that will keep your workers safe. You can customise your own fall-arrest equipment by combining these equipment.

The two major types of height safety equipment are:

  • Fall arrestor: ideal for use at height of 4 feet or more.
  • Suspension: perfect for washing and painting windows. Gives worker more freedom of movement.

While substantially different, these equipment are nevertheless composed of similar components:

  • Full-body harness
  • Connectors (fall-limiters or lanyards)
  • Anchorage-point connectors (tie-off points)

Atex are full-body harnesses that are available in a wide range of designs. Each type have features that have easily usable features and includes connectors, D ring optons, comfortable personal-fit and various types of buckles.

Connectors like lanyards are connected to the harness, which is tied to an anchorage. The type as well as the length of a lanyard is dependent upon many factors, especially the available fall-clearance in your work area.

Atex Exofit Harness

What Safety Harness Should you Buy?

When buying safety harnesses, it is important to note that safety harnesses are designed to serve specific tasks. You should therefore examine closely what task you need to perform in your work area before shopping for equipment. It is also important to note the guidelines set by government agencies like the OSHA. Ensure that the equipment has been made to comply with the established guidelines. If you buy an inferior product that do not meet government specifications, you will not only be putting your workers to danger, but you will also be opening your self up to possible sanctions. So be sure that the equipment is compliant with CSA and ANSI standards and has been ISO-certified.

Work may be important to the success of your business, but life is more precious. Since working at height is statistically dangerous, you should never take chances. Invest on a good height safety equipment like Atex and keep your workers safe all the time.

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